IANONI SERENDIPITY is the perfect paddle for the first time pickleball player.Its wide face gives you the maximum surface area to contact the ball as you are learning. Perfectly balanced lead to easy to swing, you will be able to enjoy the game of pickleball  right away. 


If you are currently attracted to  someone,then just go outside to play the IANONI SERENDIPITY paddle with him or her, to feel the joy of pickleball.

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If you want to advance to a higher level,the IANONI PRO is your best partner.

8mm PP Honeycomb Core

production and a face that can stand the test of time. With a single 8mm pp honeycomb core the consistency across the entire surface is unmatched and will allow the competitive player to hit their targets with precision. The IANONI PRO is the next generation of pickleball paddle.

Carbon Friction Textured Surface

Utilizing high grade Japanese Toray T700 friction carbon fiber,the face is the perfect blend of stiffness and comfort for a strong counterattack . In addition,it allows for long lasting spin.


If you has been playing pickle ball for quite a while now and looking for a paddle that would elevate your game, deliver the most spin and speed with every shot, this Quantum pickleball paddle is a great option.