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IANONI Optimum 3D Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles , Extreme Spin Technology for Increased Control,Graphite Pickleball Rackets with Large Sweet Spot or Head-Heavy Balance

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The IANONI PRO 2.0 features a wide flared neck that improves handling of mis-hits, while maintaining a consistent sweet spot. It has a lightweight design, making it suitable for female players who may not be able to handle heavier paddles.
We also love that each paddle is decorated with unique colorful, creative designs. One of our testers even credits the colorful designs of the paddles for getting her daughters interested in the game. We found the paddles lightweight enough for longer play but also durable enough that they won't break easily.
  • 3D Print Personalized Picture Design :Improve spin ,the 3D surface increase spin and accurate balls placement.
  • Generous sweet sports:The larger sweet spot and thicker grip of the 15mm paddle made it perfect for longer rallies and more precise shots.
  • Fun and uniqueStand out on the court with these colorful graphics that are 3D printed on fade resistant matte material.
  • Protective Edge Guard:Edge guard around the edges of the pickleball racket maintains the integrity of the paddle.
  • Superior Design of the Contour Cushion Grip:The grip is designed to provide extra cushioning and protect your hand from the impact of those perfectly placed smashes.

Paddle Spec.:


Paddle weight :7.8~8.1 oz

Paddle length: 15.95"

Paddle width: 7.95"

Handle length: 5.3"

Grip circumference: 4 1/4"

Paddle face material: Carbon Fiber & 3D surface

Core material: Polypropylene honeycomb core

Core thickness: 14.5mm

Edge guard: Enhanced edge guard

Sweet spot: Large