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IANONI Pickleball Paddle - T700 Carbon Friction Textured Surface with High Grit & Spin and Agility, Pickleball Rackets with Highly Flexible and Fast Shot - IANONI PRO 1.0

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PRO 1.0 has passed USAPA testing to be used in sanctioned tournament play.If you want to advance to a higher level,the IANONI PRO is your best partner.Utilizing high grade Japanese Toray T700 friction carbon fiber,the face is the perfect blend of stiffness and comfort for a strong counterattack . In addition,it allows for long lasting spin.
At the intermediate/3.5 level, you’re starting to learn how to shape your shots, generate more putaway power, and impart spin onto the ball. You’re also working to master your soft game of drops, dinking, and resets.
Production and a face that can stand the test of time. With a single 8mm pp honeycomb core the consistency across the entire surface is unmatched and will allow the competitive player to hit their targets with precision. The IANONI PRO is the next generation of pickleball paddle.
  • Spin, deflection, control, power: These new generation raw carbon fiber paddles feature a one-piece thermoformed body, edge foam, and T700 carbon fiber faces.It’s an excellent all-court paddle with great control, spin, and more than enough power. It also has a wide and forgiving sweet spot that limits mishits.
  • Offers the Vision in two paddle thickness :They are core thickness 16 mmand 14 mm, so you can find the best fit.
  • The edged curved head reduces dragWhile the paddle’s light weight boosts your swing speed. And a foam-injected perimeter increases the paddle’s sweet spot.
  • Protective Edge Guard:Edge guard around the edges of the pickleball racket maintains the integrity of the paddle.
  • Superior Design of the Contour Cushion Grip:The grip is designed to provide extra cushioning and protect your hand from the impact of those perfectly placed smashes.

Paddle Spec.:


Paddle weight :7.8 oz

Paddle length: 16.37"

Paddle width: 7.25"

Handle length: 5.3"

Grip circumference: 4 1/4"

Paddle face material: Raw carbon fiber material

Core material: Polypropylene honeycomb core

Core thickness: 14mm

Edge guard: Enhanced edge guard

Sweet spot: Large