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Outdoor Pickleballs (12 Pack) -Specifically Designed and Optimized for Pickleball

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  • 【Exceptional Durability】 Use advanced welding skill to joins the two halves of the pickleball together. Gives the pickleball Exceptional Durability that can withstand the most aggressive play.
  • 【Authentic Bounce Technology】 The Outdoor Pickleball was engineered for the sport of pickleball. Our proprietary formula and exclusive material were designed to deliver the most consistent and authentic bounce in the game. The two-piece symmetrical construction has resilient, elastic properties that allow the ball to maintain its shape shot after shot.
  • 【Special design】40 small precisely drilled holes designed to minimize wind interference and to create a balanced and straight flight pattern
  • 【High visibility yellow】 Easy to find in the outdoor
  • 【Diameter】 12 outdoor pickleballs per pack come in a reusable mesh bag. A diameter of 74mm and weight 24.5 grams is ideal for all skill levels