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IANONI Pickleball Paddle - Featherweight Carbon Friction Textured Surface with High Grit & Spin and Agility, Super Lightweight Pickleball Rackets with Highly Flexible and Fast Shot

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  • WE WANT TO CREATE A BETTER FUTURE FOR PICKLEBALL PLAYER-IANONI SPORTS introduces a quality carbon friction textured surface pickleball line specifically designed with a friction grit & spin and agility focus. IANONI pickleball paddle coated the friction CarbonFlex fiber twill textured surface technology for better ball control and more accuracy. The texture improves friction, dampens vibration, and ensures the ball stays on the paddle longer.
  • DESIGNED FOR ADVANCED BEGINNERS -If you has been playing pickle ball for quite a while now and looking for a paddle that would elevate your game, deliver the most spin and speed with every shot, this Quantum pickleball paddle is a great option.
  • HANDLE AND SOUND MUFFLED - The foam-forged handle reduces maximum damping and provide additional comfort. Sticky grip offers plenty of cushion and feels great to hold. Paper Honeycomb core output the sound is a little lower pitched and less annoying than typical paddles.
  • PRETTY DECENT GRIP -The carbon friction surface allows for increased grip, and helps with putting spin on your shots when needed, especially notable on backspin. We design, engineer, & build paddles with in-house technicians to ensure quality, workmanship, & testing is up to industry-leading standards.