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40 Holes injection molded for outdoor ball

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  • IANONI outdoor pickleball is high visibility Yellow with a diameter of 74mm and weight of 26g, it meets USAPA standards in terms of size, weight, structure, and hardness design. The outdoor pickleball balls are suitable for beginner or experienced players to play, not only can have fun but also can improve their pickleball skills.
  • Continuous Bounce: The material of pickleball balls provides the most authentic and reliable bounce, the pickleball can bounce consistently through unique technology. It can ensure the maximum bounce and is beneficial to the attack, the continuous bounce provides a better throwing and catching experience.
  • Balanced and Straight Flight:40 precision drilling holes of pickleball balls are perfectly symmetrical to achieve the best-balanced flight. The rigorous structure can minimize wind interference and create a straight flight path outdoors, allowing the pickleball to fly straight and fast in the air.

Durability and Crack Resistance:The pickleball is made of durable plastic material. The half of the ball adopts heat welding technology to form a smooth seam, which strengthens the performance of the ball, making the pickleball stronger, more durable, and resistant to cracking and deformation.

Product advantages(产品优点)

    • A couple of colors to choose from
    • High quality build
    • Good bounce
    • Built to USAPA specs for competitive play






Yellow/Green/Orange/Blue etc.

Age range (description)


Item weight

26 Grams



Item diameter

2.91 Inches

Number of holes