About Us


IANONI has been seen in the courts and on the beaches of Long Island, New York. The brand was developed in the USA and manufactured by Caston Sports Manufacturer, one of the leading manufacturers of racket sports equipment, apparel and accessories in China. The non -Latin characters transliterate to "AI NUO NI" which means "LOVE", "PROMISE" and "YOU" in Chinese. Since 2010, IANONI has been on a mission to inspire love of life, build new connections and promote a competitive spirit.

For more than 13 years, the company has conducted extensive experimentation with innovative materials and sport technologies. Based on feedback from professional players and results provided by professional testing institutes, the company designs and invents IANONI sport products. IANONI's commitment to innovation leads the company to produce higher quality and highly customizable products.

In 2017, IANONI initiated the “IANONI PICK A BALL” campaign to promote pickleball sports in communities. Health, passion, positivity, collaboration and persistence are the culture of IANONI.